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When you cannot come to AVL Mundo,
AVL Mundo is coming to you!

Due to contain the spread of COVID-19, AVL Mundo’s events are canceled until June 1st. We’re sad, but respect and follow the guidelines of the government these weeks. In the meantime, we would like to share some quarantaine-proof art with you. With this video, you will feel like you are actually at AVL Mundo for a minute. Stay safe!

The video below is a documentation of Atelier Van Lieshout’s artwork Pendulum (2019). Pendulum is a massive, mechanical clock powered by a swinging pendulum. The clock’s hands tick loudly, ominously counting down to “the end of everything” which then ushers in “the beginning of everything” – a perpetual cycle of destruction and reconstruction.

In the meantime we’re sharing #throwback images of our past events on Instagram as well. Follow us here.

Uomo Analyticus Exhibition
Sculpture Garden, AVL Mundo

Uomo Analyticus Exhibition in the Sculpture Garden of AVL Mundo, organised in collaboration with the Science Gallery.

‘Uomo Analyticus’ can both mean ‘the analyzing human’ and ‘a human analyzed’. How do we live? How are we made? How do we process and get processed? This exhibition, organised by AVL Mundo in collaboration with the Science Gallery, focusses on the core theme of Atelier Van Lieshout’s practice: dissecting systems, be it society as a whole or the human body. 

More information and exhibition booklet here.


Please note that due to contain the spread of COVID-19, it’s only allowed to enter the sculpture garden with three people or less and remember to always keep your distance.

Opening hours Sculpture Garden

Monday – Friday
09:00 – 17:00 hrs.
AVL Mundo, Keileweg 18, Rotterdam

Entrance = free

Education program
In addition to this exhibition we developed an inspirational education program which engages with the exhibition in an interactive and stimulating way.

For more information:  karen@avlmundo.org



AVL Mundo has organized numerous events linked to wanted and unwanted art. Please find a brief selection of our past happenings here. Don’t miss out in the future and check our agenda below for upcoming events!




June, 2020 - Brutus Art Prize II

Further details to be announced





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Our supporters

AVL Mundo is proud of her partners and supporters. Without them we wouldn’t be able to offer you exhibitions for free (or very little money).

Furthermore, we collaborate with people with great ideas. In the past, we have joined forces with Motel Mozaïque, De Doelen, Connie Jansen Danst, Object Rotterdam, de Geheime Tuin, Witte de With, Science Gallery, TENT, Art Rotterdam and many others.

If you have good idea, or want to support us, contact us via mail@avlmundo.org or have a look at our support page.