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MOMO Create & Perform 

Eefje de Visser X Nick Verstand

In April AVL Mundo will host MOMO again, now with a special project with singer Eefje de Visser and contemporary artist Nick Verstand. They will create and show an audiovisual work, at the intersection of live performance and modern art. This special collaboration is part of MOMO Create & Perform, a new program from Motel Mozaique.
The audiovisual pop concert will be realized and performed at AVL Mundo.
The premiere, with images of both the creation process and the concert, can be admired on Saturday April 24, 2021 via an online stream. Tickets for the stream with Eefje de Visser and Nick Verstand are now available via the Motel Mozaique Concerts website.

Press Release – New Cultural Cluster in the making



BRUTUS breaks the mould of art as a gentrification accelerator. Artist Joep van Lieshout (Atelier Van Lieshout) and project developer RED Company have joined forces to build a large-scale cultural cluster with residential units, offices and services in Rotterdam’s up and coming M4H port area. Their cooperation heralds a new model for urban renewal that does not automatically push out creatives once neighbourhoods upgrade.

For more information see our Press Release! Click here


 JUNE 30 – AUGUST 15 2021

On the cutting-edge of art and technology, FAKE ME HARD explores the complex reality of the 21st century with futuristic installations by over 40 artists, performances, and debates. Visitors await an uncanny landscape that they can enter safely, each with their own fake profile. Music-making robots set the tone playfully and with humor. A low hanging light haze leads the way. Do algorithms determine what is fact or fiction? Are human narratives slowly becoming irrelevant? How to survive the post-truth society?In the year 2021, we can no longer afford to feign that technology is neutral. In these times of deepfake videos and populism, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the difference between ‘real’ and ‘not real’. Algorithms facilitate a web of lies, with direct consequences for society and democracy. Just think of the recent storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump rioters, partly attributed to the largescale dissemination of QAnon theories by algorithms. Driving those algorithms is the shadowy business model of a handful of all-powerful big tech companies. Platforms such as Facebook and Google use our data to personalize our experience – and to influence us. With our clicking behavior we build our own mirror-palace, a hyper-personalized parallel universe. To speak in Matrix-terms: we can no longer choose between the red and the blue pill, between the truth and blissful ignorance. Only the blue pill is available.But it is not too late. We don’t have to stand by and watch a new feudal era unfold. We can arm ourselves by becoming ‘robot-proof’ and by making algorithms ‘human aware’. By talking back to AI, we can teach it a language in which there is space for human significance and interpretation. Team Human can reimagine the mirror palace as an ecosystem of freedom and possibilities.In anticipation of the physical exhibition, starting March 1 visitors are invited to visit the freely accessible FAKE ME HARD Virtual environment. Enter the virtual spaces of AVL Mundo as your favourite avatar and, together with others, experience the exhibition’s first four thought-provoking installations in a game-like setting as a prelude to July/August.FAKE ME HARD. By the makers of ROBOT LOVE & TEC ART.JUNE 30 – AUGUST 15 2021 during Rotterdam Art Week
Every day from 10.00 – 19.00
Keileweg 18, Rotterda

Tickets (will go on sale soon)
More info: https://www.fakemehard.nl 


AVL Mundo X Operator Live Session
*UPDATE – AVL Mundo x Operator Live Session = Postponed*⠀


We regret to announce that we have to cancel our first Live Session due to the tightened corona measures. We are looking
forward to welcoming you on a new date which we can hopefully announce soon. Make sure to follow our social channels to stay tuned about this.⠀

Much love and stay safe, Team Operator & AVL Mundo.


Let’s Get Physical, but don’t stand too close! As part of the exhibition, AVL Mundo and Operator are teaming up for the first Operator Live Session the 2nd of October at Atelier Van Lieshout . Be prepared for an evening full of Dutch absurdism where live music and performance meet. Performing bands will be Le Motat and De Witte Kunst. Get your tickets soon because the seats are limited.

About the bands:

De Witte Kunst is on the rise. The Dutch music duo consists of multi-instrumentalist Lyckle de Jong and writer / singer Koen van Bommel. Together they make a kind of cabaret pop with deep roots in the synth pop of the early eighties. An absurd performance with lyrics about Atlantis and the virtual world. Worth experiencing.

LE MOTAT = Tato Wesselo’s alter ego. He create Dutch Weirdo Pop with balls: about sex, about love, and about people who have to put their HEAD in the ICE. His performances are raw, unexpected and absurd, but it will also let you sing along with one of his catchy pop songs. Last year Motat produced his first EP1 together with Roy van Rosendaal (Figgie), which he will release on September 25. Fancy something new? JOIN CLUB LE MOTAT.

Friday October 2nd 20:00 New date to be announced
AVL Mundo X Operator Live Session

Keileweg 18, Rotterdam
Tickets: € 7.50

Tickets (will go on sale soon): https://avlmundo.stager.nl/web/tickets
More info: https://www.operator-radio.com/

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