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Let’s Get Physical with Atelier Van Lieshout

Sculpture route ‘Let’s Get Physical’ is a dynamic exploration of the burgeoning industrial Merwevierhaven area in the west of Rotterdam, highlighted through a selection of 30+ Atelier Van Lieshout works at 12 different locations.

Atelier Van Lieshout, the studio founded by artist Joep van Lieshout, was one of the first art studios to settle in the Merwevierhaven in the 1980s and continues to expand and foster projects that elevate the area. ‘Let’s Get Physical’ starts at AVL Mundo Sculpture Park, the heart of the sculpture route and fans out over M4H. Other participating locations are: Weelde, Keilecafé, De Voedseltuin, Keilewerf, Stichting Dakpark and several publicly accessible venues.

Dates: 18 July – 4 October 2020
Opening: Friday July 17th, 19:30 hrs at AVL Mundo’s Sculpture Park
Address: Keileweg 18, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Be welcome to join the opening of ‘Let’s Get Physical’ on Friday, July 17th. RSVP via link below


More information about Let’s Get Physical to be found here.

Tip: Discover ‘Let’s Get Physical’ by bike! UrbanGuides provides tours hosted by an experienced guide. More information to be found here.

‘Let’s Get Physical’ is made possible by the generous support of: Stichting Droom en Daad, Rotterdam Partners, M4H Rotterdam, UrbanGuides and AVL Mundo

Running In Circles Exposition at the Barbaar

AVL MUNDO is pleased to announce the official opening of BarBAAR, a new exhibition and performance site, making AVL Mundo Foundation one of the largest independent contemporary art spaces in The Netherlands. The first AVL Mundo exhibition in the space will be Running in Circles/ Movement and Politics In The Streets Of My City by Rotterdam-based artist Jeroen Jongeleen, the winner of the second annual Brutus Art Prize.

During the opening night the award will be presented, along with this year’s Encouragement Prize to the Rotterdam based Chinese artist Liao Zhixin (1990)

The exhibition will be on view June 5 – July 19, 2020, Fri Sat Sun,12-6pm. at AVL Mundo, Keileweg 10-18, 3029 BS Rotterdam, Netherlands. In keeping with covid-19 restrictions tickets are only for sale per timeslot, book your ticket in advance through our reservations system. Door tickets are limited, but available.




Jeroen Jongeleen

Running in Circles/ Movement and Politics In The Streets Of My City

Rotterdam-based artist Jeroen Jongeleen (b. 1967) has worked in public space throughout his career, creating minimalist endurance performances, as well as text-based graffiti, that straddle political activism and urban intervention. This new solo exhibition of work all created during Covid-19, features 11 short videos of running in circles throughout the city, along with prints and photographs of text works the artist created in public space, drawn from news articles speaking to issues of our time.

 For many, the Covid 19-induced lockdown fueled a stir-crazy urge to go out and run, but for Jeroen Jongeleen running is not an escape from stifling domesticity, but a means of reclaiming the city. His feet and the dirt on the soles of his shoes are his tools, and abandoned streets, post-industrial factory rooftops, and pier-end parking lots, are his canvas. Read the complete text by Edo Dijksterhuis here.


Jeroen Jongeleen, Silent Bridge (2020) | Jeroen Jongeleen, Stain on Concrete (2020)


Jeroen Jongeleen stated: “I’ve been creating art from running over the last few years, starting from doing long distance and then ultra long distances runs in straight lines and other shapes, then came to the essential form of a small circle, a simple challenging loop, leaving a temporary trace. A trace by effort. The effort of creating something through a basic gesture and concentration. During the corona-period, with everyone and everything boxed up, I had more time and more empty city at my disposal. However, with the parks being closed or limited access, I sought alternatives, ending up running on abandoned parking lots, building rooftops, and other city sites. As an active citizen, the vandalism of leaving a mark on the fabric of regulated space, is a commentary about free and unlimited usage of my surroundings. At the same time, with people sick around me, running allowed me to take care of my health as it forces you to be hyper-focused on the basics of breathing and keeping your joints working.”


Brutus Art Prize winner Jeroen Jongeleen

Since the 1990’s, Jongeleen has also operated under the alias Influenza for his public projects, especially illegal graffiti. The large-scale posters and photographs in the exhibition are of text works he created in the public, taken from multiple news sources that comment on political and societal issues of our time, such as “This Right Here Will Change Everything.” Like the videos, these images are registrational artefacts, since the original work is short-lived. His graffiti name Influenza, by coincidence, aptly captures our time, as did the artist’s previous project in 2009-2010, placing masks on statues in Paris and Rotterdam in response to H1n1 paranoia – a gesture currently replicated by others around the world.

A wide range of influences are evident in Jongeleen’s work, from the anti-authoritarian Situationist International movement, Fluxus and Dada to Land Art and Conceptual art interventions by Richard Long, Gordon Matte-Clark, and Robert Smithson, as well as the mundane repetitive early works of Bruce Nauman and more.

More information and images of past projects, can be found www.jeroenjongeleen.nl


AVL MUNDO expands with BarBAAR

making AVL Mundo Foundation one of the largest independent contemporary art spaces in The Netherlands

BarBAAR celebrates its official opening with the summer exhibition, offering a new exhibition and performance space to the AVL Mundo compound encompassing two additional cavernous exhibition spaces Brutus and Kathedraal,as well as an Artist Residency and AVL Mundo Sculpture Park.


In keeping with covid-19 restrictions about large public gatherings, a virtual opening reception will be hosted on AVL Mundo Instagram and Facebook Live on June 5 at 6:30pm with the artist giving a tour of the exhibition and the presentation of the Brutus Art Prize to Jeroen Jongeleen by AVL Founder Joep van Lieshout.

A finissage, on July 18, will feature a 6-hour endurance performance, creating a new running in circles work live-streamed for audiences to witness. Stay Tuned.



The exhibition was made possible thanks to the generous support of:



Visit AVL Mundo’s Sculpture Park in Rotterdam

AVL Mundo Sculpture Garden
Keileweg 18, Rotterdam
Mon – Fri, 09:00 – 17:00 hrs
Free entrance 

AVL Mundo’s Sculpture Park provides a spacious environment for people to walk, breathe deep, and explore Atelier Van Lieshout art.

We are thankful to those who have visited for upholding crucial social distancing protocols. This has been a significant factor in the continued availability of AVL Mundo’s Sculpture Park.

Before visiting AVL Mundo Sculpture Park, we encourage you to review these visitors guidelines:

  • Always maintain a minimum 1,5 meter distance from others.
  • Avoid touching the beautiful sculptures (we know it’s tempting).
  • All groups must be limited to members of a household.
  • AVL Mundo Sculpture Garden welcomes a maximum of 10 visitors at a time.
  • If you have arrived when we are at capacity, please wait until visitors exit.

Your cooperation is essential to our ability to keep AVL Mundo Sculpture Park open as a safe and healthy art destination during this time, so thank you for playing by the rules!

While visitors of AVL Mundo have been able to enjoy the Sculpture Park over the past several weeks, we also want to share inspiration to those who are not in the neighbourhood. So —wherever you are— we invite you to visit us from the comfort of your own crib and take a virtual tour of the park! 

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AVL Mundo was founded by artist Joep Van Lieshout  in 2008 and has organized exhibitions, residencies, multi-media art events and festivals. Please find a brief selection of our past happenings here. To learn about future events… check our agenda below or join our mailing list!




June, 2020 - Brutus Art Prize II

Further details to be announced




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