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Core Collection: Wellness Skull (2007)

Core Collection highlight: Wellness Skull (2007).

Healthy minds live in healthy bodies. Wellness Skull is a large human skull, and has, just like wellness centers, a few places to relax. In the neck of the skull is a small bath. The head of the skull contains a sauna. When it is working the hot steam pears out of the eye sockets. Wellness Skull lets one unwind in a shape that is literally the physical shell of the mind, yet also the shape that has become the symbol for death and toxicity.



Wellness Skull is on display now in front of our Sculpture Garden as part of the Uomo Analyticus exhibition.

‘Uomo Analyticus’ can both mean ‘the analyzing human’ and ‘a human analyzed’. How do we live? How are we made? How do we process and get processed? This exhibition, organised by AVL Mundo in collaboration with the Science Gallery, focusses on the core theme of Atelier Van Lieshout’s practice: dissecting systems, be it society as a whole or the human body.