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AVL Mundo and you




On a regular basis AVL Mundo works with volunteers to create an unforgettable visit, incredible event or just to get it done. For our upcoming exhibition Brutus Award 2021 (3 September – 3 October 2021), we are on the lookout for people that are sociable and willing to welcome our visitors. Send us an email if you are interested, and do you want to know more? Check AVL Mundo Volunteers FMH.


Currently we are not looking for new additions to the team. But if you think we could use your help, you can send an open sollicitation to mail@avlmundo.org.


Shimon Kamada – Artist in Residence 2021 

Shimon Kamada is the first recipient of the RM Residency Award. The award has been launched to give a young talented artist the opportunity to work on a new series of work so he can develop as an artist. In 2021 AVL Mundo and the Ron Mandos Blood Foundation partner up regarding this artist-in-residency.

Kamada’s paintings contain imagery, stories and delusions. They are full of mystery and ambiguity, which stimulates curiosity and imagination. Kamada has an interest in capturing ‘fantasy in reality’. Combining multiple figurative images unrelated to each other, he believes his fictional stories evoke a sense of nostalgia.
Or check out the video we made about him. 

Stay tuned for more information about our future artist-in-residency programme.